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Wild Dog And Feral Pig
Baiting Program – October 2020

July 30, 2020: Council in conjunction with Biosecurity Queensland will be participating in a coordinated Wild Dog and Feral Pig Baiting Program.

Failure to control wild dogs and feral pigs can result in livestock losses, attacks on domestic pets and the loss of native fauna. Landholders have a legislative responsibility to control declared pests on their land and participation in this program is an effective way to help meet this responsibility.

Baiting stations will be held throughout the South Burnett from Tuesday 13 October to Tuesday 20 October 2020.

All participants must register their intention to conduct baiting no later than Friday 25 September 2020.

For further information or to register your intention of attending a baiting station please contact Council's Stock Route and Pest Officer on 4189 9100 or by email
Tender To Supply Water Meters - SBRCQ – 20/21-04 Water Meter Renewal Program
July 30, 2020 : Council is requesting quotes to supply a large volume of water meters for the Water Meter Renewal Capital Works Project. The project is expected to commence mid-September 2020.

An invitation to offer was released Tuesday 14 July 2020. Closing dates for offers is 2:00pm, Monday 10 August 2020.

Tenders can be submitted via LG Tenderbox Reference # SBRC010078

For further information contact Council’s Procurement Officer on (07) 4189 9100 or by email
Mental Health Matters
July 30, 2020: National Mental Health Month (NMHM) will be held from October 1 to 31, 2020.

NMHM is an initiative of the Mental Health Foundation Australia to advocate for and raise awareness of Australian mental health, and it is an important time where the Australian community comes together to raise awareness that #MentalHealthMatters.

Mental Health Foundation Australia deliver a range of FREE virtual mental health support groups, including:

  • • Men’s Wellbeing Support Group
  • • Mood Disorders Support Group
  • • Gender Identity Support Group
  • • Depression Support Group
  • • PTSD Support Group

Mental Health Support Groups focus on individuals’ strengths, not weaknesses and work towards the individual’s wellbeing and recovery. In these groups, participants can open up, realise they are not alone, address past unresolved issues, set new goals, learn new skills and take charge of their lives.

For many people, the support group is the best environment to accomplish these changes.

You can find out how to join a mental health support group or obtain more information on the Net
Reservoir Roof Replacements:
Wondai And Kingaroy

July 30, 2020: As a part of Council’s 20-21 Capital Works program and commitment to ensuring the long-term sustainability and efficiency of our water infrastructure, Council has engaged Water Infrastructure Services to undertake the replacement of the reservoir roofs at both the Orana reservoir in Kingaroy and Scott Street reservoir in Wondai.

Preliminary assessment and cleaning works are currently underway. Structural works including roof removal, replacement and internal pipe works are expected to begin at the Scott Street reservoir in Wondai in the week beginning Monday 3 August 2020 and be completed prior to the commencement of the Orana reservoir in Kingaroy works, scheduled for the week beginning Monday 7 September with completion expected by mid-October.

The works will improve the structural integrity, ongoing operation and water quality protection of the reservoir. Council have organised temporary storage arrangements at Scott Street as the main reservoir will need to be taken offline for several weeks during the work.

Whilst the main reservoir is offline, lower pressures may be experienced periodically.

Additional works may be required in some areas to improve the network efficiently and to minimise interruptions to supply. Affected properties will be notified directly prior to these works occurring.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this work may cause and thank you in advance for your patience.

Please direct any enquiries to Council’s Water and Wastewater section by phoning 4189 9100 or by email
2020-21 Round 1
Community Grants Program Opening Soon

July 23, 2020: Are you a not-for-profit organisation based in the South Burnett? The South Burnett Regional Council’s Community Grants Program opens on Saturday 1 August in the following categories:

  • • Community Events Sponsorship;
  • • School Student Awards;
  • • Community Hall Insurance Grant;
  • • Regional Arts Development Fund;
  • • Healthy Communities Sponsorship;
  • • Project/Program One-Off Sponsorship; and
  • • Australia Day Events Sponsorship

Don’t forget, In-Kind Sponsorship, Elite Performance Youth Grant, Councillor Discretionary Fund and Indigenous Affairs Fund applications can be submitted year-round!

For further information regarding grants and funding available through Council, or to obtain a copy of the Community Grants Program Policy or application forms, see Council’s Customer Service Centres or visit Council’s website.

Council encourages any not-for-profit organisations wishing to apply to the Community Grants Program to contact Council’s Community Grants Officer by phone on 4189 9100 or by email
Doing Business With Council
July 2, 2020: Did you know that Council has established a local marketplace for non-contracted, low risk, ad-hoc supply arrangements for business within the South Burnett region?

Felix Marketplace is an online procurement system which allows Council officers to search, nominate and invite local suppliers to quote. In turn, suppliers will receive an email notification with an invite to submit a quote. All the supplier is required to do is log in for details and then upload the quote.

If you are interested in supplying goods or services to us you can register your business on Council’s Local Marketplace on Felix for free. The marketplace intends to capture goods and services such as Catering, Stationery, Tools & Equipment, Hardware, Printing, Horticulture, Plumbing & Electrical products, Uniforms, Clothing and PPE, Accommodation, Training Providers, Spare Parts, Florists & Giftware, Information Technology hardware and many others.

A full list of the Local Marketplace categories and registration instructions are available on Council’s website

Felix Marketplace is a great opportunity for local business owners within the South Burnett region to have their goods and services seen by a new audience. The registration process does not mean that you are automatically a supplier to Council, and should you be engaged for goods or services you may be required to provide additional documentation.

For further information on how you can do business with Council, please contact Council’s Strategic Procurement coordinator on 4189 9100 or by email
Alford Street Car Park, Kingaroy:
Reconstruction And Associated Works

July 2, 2020: South Burnett Regional Council wishes to advise that the reconstruction works for the Alford Street car park located between Alford Street, Haly Street, Kingaroy Street and Hector Munro Lane are scheduled to commence on Monday 6 July 2020.

The project will increase usability for both the local and travelling public by improving safety and accessibility to Kingaroy businesses and community centres.

The construction works are funded through Council’s 2020-21 Capital Programme and aim to improve the current aspects through the rehabilitation of the existing pavement, including new seal and line marking, disabled parking, caravan access, parking and dumping point, upgrades to lighting, provision for future electric vehicle charge stations, and associated landscaping.

The reconstruction works require the closure of the parking area to all pedestrians and vehicles. Barrier fencing will be installed at the entries off Haly Street, Alford Street and at the end of Hector Munro Lane. For local property and business owners, access restrictions will apply. Council will grant limited access to those businesses who require a genuine reason to access the area.

Council apologises for any inconvenience caused and thanks you for your patience whilst works are in progress.

For further information, please contact Council’s Works team on 4189 9100 or by email
New Forms Required Under
Plumbing & Drainage Act 2018

June 10, 2020: Plumbers, drainers and contractors ... did you know that under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018, the use of prescribed forms is mandatory for various aspects of Plumbing and Drainage work?

In particular, Council draws your attention to Form 11, advising that all service reports for treatment plants are required to be lodged on the prescribed Form 11. This form is to be used for the purposes of section 106 of the Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2019. Completion of all applicable sections is mandatory.

From 1 July 2020, this form must be submitted to Council and a copy provided to the owner of the facility within 10 business days after servicing the facility.

Similarly, all other prescribed forms are mandatory for their respective purposes, as listed on the Government's website

Should you have any queries in relation to this matter, please contact Council's Plumbing and Drainage Department on 4189 9100 or by email
Council To Close Public Amenities
June 10, 2020: In an attempt to reduce vandalism and subsequent maintenance and cleaning costs, Council will commence closing various public amenities in the Kingaroy and Murgon areas after hours.

Council will commence closing the following facilities from Friday 12 June 2020 between the hours of 8:00pm and 6:00am daily:

  • • QEII Park, Lamb Street, Murgon
  • • Glendon Street, Kingaroy
  • • O'Neill Square - Corner of Haly and King Street, Kingaroy

All other public amenities in the Kingaroy and Murgon areas will remain open. Council apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Did you know that vandalism has cost Council nearly $15,000 in the last seven months alone? Vandalism is an action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property.

Vandalism to Council’s facilities, and in particular, parks and gardens can increase undue risk to the public through hazards and may necessitate the closure or removal of facilities or equipment until repairs can be progressed.

If you see an incident in progress, or possibly come across the results of vandalism, there are a number of ways you can help:

  • Report to the Queensland Police Service: Is the incident happening now? Is the suspect still at the scene? Is anyone seriously injured or in immediate danger? Please contact Triple Zero, 000. Reporting vandalism can also be done through Policelink on 131 444. Reporting property damage can be done online

  • Contact Council: Should you come across damage to Council’s facilities or equipment, please notify Council by phone on 4189 9100 or by email. This will ensure Council is aware of the incident and it is actioned as soon as possible.

  • Snap, Send, Solve: Reporting local issues is now a ‘snap’… The easy and efficient way to notify of issues that need addressing in your community. Simply download the Snap, Send, Solve App and submit a request. For further information visit the website

For further information contact Council’s Parks and Gardens team on 4189 9100 or by email
Be Connected Online Learning Resources
May 8, 2020: Be Connected is an Australia-wide initiative empowering all Australians to thrive in a digital world. Be Connected have online learning resources as well as a network of community partners - the Be Connected Network - who offer in-person support so you can develop your digital skills and confidence.

You can learn a new skill from home, or at a nearby community organisation. Join thousands of Australians who are taking our free courses on everything from how to access the internet, using your device and keeping in touch with others online.

Find a local place for friendly help and advice, or join the Network to help others.

Quick links include:

  • Topic Library - Start learning today by browsing the range of topics

      • Find local help - Use a simple map to find free local face-to-face help

      Should you have any questions or require assistance with Be Connected or any other online library services, please contact Council’s library team during business hours by phone on 4189 9256 or by email.

      South Burnett Regional Council reminds residents to follow the Queensland Government messaging: if you are sick, stay home; if you're feeling unwell with symptoms of COVID-19, you should contact your doctor about being tested; practice social distancing; continue good hygiene practices.
Care Army: Can You Help?
May 7, 2020: South Burnett Regional Council is calling on volunteers in our community to join the Care Army.

The Care Army is for people who want to help older people living in the South Burnett who may not have friends, family or neighbours who are able to support them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Care Army is focused on social connection and essential services such as the delivery of groceries and medications, as well as phone calls or videos chats to check on the well-being of older and vulnerable Queenslanders.

Find out more and register via Volunteering Queensland’s Emergency Volunteering program on the Internet.

South Burnett Regional Council reminds residents to follow the Queensland Government messaging: if you are sick, stay home; if you're feeling unwell with symptoms of COVID-19, you should contact your doctor about being tested; practice social distancing; continue good hygiene practices.
Sewer Relining Program: April-August 2020
April 9, 2020: As a part of Council’s sewerage capital works program and its commitment to ensure the long term sustainability and efficiency of our sewerage infrastructure, Council is undertaking essential works (a sewer relining program across the Murgon, Wondai and Nanango sewerage schemes).

Relining Solutions was awarded the contract for the works being delivered as part of the Wide Bay Burnett Regional Organisation of Council’s (WBBROC) Sewer Relining Program, a region-wide initiative to deliver cost savings to Council.

Phase 1 of the program, involving the use of CCTV robotics to inspect all sewers within the schemes, has been completed, with CCTV footage used by Council to assess and identify critical sections of the sewer network that requires remedial works.

Phase 2 of the sewer relining program involving the rehabilitation of the network, to extend the life of existing sewer infrastructure, is about to commence.

Originally planned to start in February 2020, liner delivery delays have pushed the start date to Tuesday 14 April 2020. The proposed sequence of works is Wondai, Murgon, and then Nanango.

Further notifications to affected customers will be provided as works progress. Access to manholes on customer properties will be necessary, with contractors undertaking works with the assistance of Council staff.

COVID-19 measures, in accordance with Queensland and Federal guidelines, will be in place during the duration of the project.

Completion of works is scheduled late for late August 2020 based on the contractor production rate for liner installation, weather permitting. The completion date will however be dependent on effectivity of grinding works and removal of blockages which can only be confirmed once works begin.

Council apologises for any inconvenience that this work may cause and thanks you in advance for your patience.

Please direct any enquiries to Council’s Water and Wastewater section by phoning 4189 9100 or by email
Prescribed Burn Notification
March 5, 2020: Council advises that prescribed burn operations will be undertaken within Council Reserves across the South Burnett from Sunday 1 March 2020 through to Monday 31 August 2020.

These operations are carried out by qualified and experienced operators.

Prescribed burns play an important part in wildfire mitigation and biodiversity conservation.

Locations for the prescribed burns include:
  • • Blackbutt Tip Reserve
  • • Nanango Fauna Sanctuary
  • • Staines Road Reserve
  • • Wooroolin Wetland
  • • Booie Reserve
  • • Boondooma Dam
  • • Coomba Falls
  • • Gordonbrook Dam
  • • Goodger Reserve
  • • Maidenwell Reserve
  • • Mt Wooroolin Reserve
  • • Old Esk Road Quarry Reserve
  • • Proston Reserve
  • • Wondai Airport

Residents and businesses around the burn area are reminded to take the following precautions:
  • • Keep doors and windows closed to prevent smoke entering homes
  • • Keep outdoor furniture under cover to prevent ember burns
  • • Retract pool covers to prevent ember damage
  • • Remove washing from clothes lines
  • • Ensure pets have a protected area
  • • Vehicles must slow down, keep windows up and turn headlights on
  • • Sightseers must keep away from the burn for their own safety

    If you have asthma or other breathing difficulties reduce outdoor activities. If shortness of breath or coughing develops, take advised medical precautions or seek medical advice.

    Residents are also reminded that dumping of household waste on Council land is not permitted and fines apply.

    Residents requiring further information on prescribed burn operations are encouraged to contact Council on 4189 9100 or email Council.
  • Council Ordinary Meeting Dates For 2020
    April 20, 2020: Council would like to advise that in accordance with Section 277 (1) of the Local Government Regulation 2012, the Ordinary Meetings for 2020 have been scheduled as follows:

    * Wednesday 29 April 2020
    * Wednesday 20 May 2020
    * Wednesday 17 June 2020
    * Wednesday 15 July 2020
    * Wednesday 19 August 2020
    * Wednesday 16 September 2020
    * Wednesday 21 October 2020
    * Wednesday 18 November 2020
    * Wednesday 9 December 2020

    Ordinary Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month (except the April and December meetings) commencing at 9:00am in the Warren Truss Chamber, Glendon Street, Kingaroy unless stated otherwise.

    From April 2020, Council has also begun to live stream video and audio of each meeting. These videos, along with meeting agendas and minutes, can be viewed on the Council Meetings page of Council's website.
    Level 3 Water Restrictions
    March 17, 2017: Level 3 water restrictions are now in place throughout the South Burnett Region.

    Residents are advised that sprinklers are not to be used, and hosing of paved or concreted areas is not permitted.

    Hand held watering is permitted from 7:00am to 8:00am, and 5:00pm to 6:00pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for odd numbered houses and Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays for even numbered houses. No residential watering is permitted on Mondays.

    Further details are available on the Council website or by contacting Customer Contact on (07) 4189 9100.
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