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South Burnett Regional Council News Updates
Hivesville Landfill Closure
July 7, 2017: Users of the Hivesville Landfill are advised that as of Monday 10 July 2017 the landfill is no longer available due to it reaching capacity.

Residents are now directed to the Hivesville Transfer Station to dispose of their waste.

For disposal arrangements of bulk and commercial waste, please contact Council’s Waste Services on 4189 9100.
Change To Operating Times Of
Wondai And Murgon Landfills

June 16, 2017: Council advises residents that as of Saturday, 1 July 2017, new operating hours for the Wondai and Murgon Waste Facilities will come into effect.

* From May to August the operating hours will be 8:00am to 5:00pm

* From September to April the operating hours will be 6:00am to 6:00pm

These changes have been implemented in order to accommodate changes in seasonal weather conditions.

Should you have any concerns or questions in relation to this matter, please do not hesitate to contact Council's Waste Services section on (07) 4189-9100.
Community Grants Program
May 26, 2017: The new Community Grants Program Policy is now available on Council website and at all Customer Service Centres.

For further information, please contact Council's Community Development/Grants Officer Kimberley Donohue.
Notice Of Works: Town Hall Reception Room
May 26, 2017: Council has programmed to commence the re-roofing and upgrade of the air-conditioning of the Kingaroy Town Hall Reception Room.

The preparation for the works is scheduled to commence on Monday 5 June 2017 and the painting is scheduled to take up to four weeks, weather permitting.

During the works there may be some disruptions to traffic and car parking within this area, and Council thanks residents for their patience.
Notice Of Works: O'Neill Square
May 26, 2017: Council has programmed to commence the repainting of the Kingaroy Railway Station Building at O'Neill Square.

The preparation for the repainting of the building is scheduled to commence on Monday 5 June 2017 and the painting is scheduled to take up to four weeks, weather permitting.

During the preparation and painting, pedestrian access within this area will be affected and redirected.
Water Meter Reading
Systematic Inspection Program

May 26, 2017: Council wishes to advise residents that Council Officers and/or its appointed water meter reading contractors will be carrying out a Systematic Inspection Program in accordance with the Local Government Act 2009 of all metered premises connected to the water supply schemes in Blackbutt, Boondooma, Kingaroy, Kumbia, Murgon. Nanango, Proston, Proston Rural, Tingoora, Wondai and Wooroolin to record water meter readings.

The program will commence on Friday 2 June 2017 and is expected to continue until Friday 28 July 2017, and will be conducted between the hours of 6:00am and 6:00pm daily.

The water meter reading program collects information for the billing of water consumption that will be included on the half yearly rate notice to be issued in August 2017.

Meter reading personnel may be required to enter properties to gain access to and read water meters. Residents are required to restrain their dogs during this period, and check that garden vegetation does not obstruct access to water meters.

Enquiries may be directed to Council's Rates Branch on (07) 4189-9100.
Notice Of Building Removal
Glendon Street, Kingaroy

May 19, 2017: Council has scheduled to commence construction work in preparation for the removal of the building located at 15 Glendon Street, Kingaroy on Wednesday, 24 May 2017.

In order to provide a safe work environment the footpath and parking area in the immediate vicinity may be closed and when required, through traffic will be directed by traffic controllers.

For all enquiries, please contact Council's Customer Service Centre on (07) 4189 9100.

We thank you for your patience.
Prescribed Burn Notification
April 6, 2017: The South Burnett Regional Council advises that prescribed burn operations will be undertaken within Council Reserves across the South Burnett between April and August.

These operations are carried out by qualified and experienced operators. Prescribed burns play an important part in wildfire mitigation and biodiversity conservation.

Identified locations include:
* Booie Reserve
* Goodger Wetland
* Blackbutt Tip Reserve
* Nanango Tip Reserve
* Maidenwell Reserve
* Kingaroy Night Soil Depot Reserve
* Boardman Road Reserve
* Malar Reserve
* Boondooma Dam
* Nanango Fauna Sanctuary
* Wondai East Reserve
* Old Esk Road Quarry Reserve
* Proston Town Common Reserve
* Tingoora Reserve
* Staines Road Reserve, Benarkin
* Gordonbrook Dam Reserve

Residents and businesses around the burn area are reminded to take the following precuations:

* Keep doors and windows closed to prevent smoke entering homes
* Keep outdoor furniture under cover to prevent ember burns
* Retract pool covers to prevent ember damage
* Remove washing from clothes lines
* Ensure pets have a protected area
* Vehicles must slow down, keep windows up and turn headlights on
* Sightseers must keep away from the burn for their own safety

If you have asthma or other breathing difficulties, reduce outdoor activities. If shortness of breath or coughing develops, take advised medical orecautions or seek medical advice.

Residents are also reminded that dumping of household waste on Council land is not permitted and fines apply.

If you require any further information, please contact Denise Whyte, Coordinator Natural Resources on (07) 4189-9122.
Change Of Date For Council General Meetings
March 31, 2017: Notice is hereby given of a change of date for Council's General Meetings in June and October.

Council's General Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 21 June 2017 will now be held on Wednesday 14 June 2017, and Council's General Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 18 October 2017 will now be held on Wednesday 11 October 2017.

All other meetings will continue to be held at the previously advertised times unless otherwise notified.

Council meetings are held in the Warren Truss Chamber, Glendon Street, Kingaroy commencing at 9:00am. Residents are welcome to attend the meeting as part of the public gallery.
Notice Of A Biosecurity Surveillance Program For Restricted & Prohibited Matter
February 14, 2017: Council advises that in accordance with the Biosecurity Act 2014, Council officers are currently conducting a Biosecurity Surveillance Program.

The program is authorised for properties within the South Burnett Local Government area.

Individual properties will be selected for inspection based on observation or known presence of invasive biosecurity matter, or the receipt of reports or complaints.

The program commenced on 29 November 2016 and has been extended for a period of seven months until 30 June 2017.

The purpose of the program is to:

(a) Confirm the presence, and determine the extent, of the presence of the prohibited or restricted matter to which the program relates

(b) Confirm the absence of the prohibited matter to which the program relates

(c) Monitor the effects of measures taken in response to a biosecurity risk posed by invasive biosecurity matter

(d) Conduct inspections on public and private land to determine the presence, extent and risk posed by prohibited or restricted matter (formerly known as declared weeds and pest animals). Surveillance will be conducted by Authorised Officers, predominantly by visual ground inspection. Inspection may also be undertaken by aerial survey or fixed camera traps

(e) Provide information and advice to property owners or relevant parties regarding the level of risk and appropriate control measures required to meet their general biosecurity obligation

(f) Provide information about support programs that may be available, and

(g) Monitor treatment programs and enforce compliance where necessary.

A free copy of the Program (including its authorisation) is available for inspection at Council's Customer Service Centres, by downloading from Council's website, or on request by contacting Council on (07) 4189-9100.
Council Ordinary Meeting Dates For 2017
March 15, 2017: Council would like to advise that in accordance with Section 277 (1) of the Local Government Regulation 2012, the Ordinary Meetings for 2017 have been scheduled as follows:

* Wednesday 18 January 2017
* Wednesday 15 February 2017
* Wednesday 15 March 2017
* Wednesday 19 April 2017
* Wednesday 17 May 2017
*Wednesday 14 June 2017
* Wednesday 19 July 2017
* Wednesday 16 August 2017
* Wednesday 20 September 2017
* Wednesday 11 October 2017
* Wednesday 15 November 2017
* Wednesday 13 December 2017

Ordinary Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month (except the June, October and December meetings. which will be held on the second Wednesday) commencing at 9:00am in the Warren Truss Chamber, Glendon Street, Kingaroy unless stated otherwise.

Residents are invited to attend the meetings as members of the public gallery.
Level 3 Water Restrictions
July 12, 2017: Level 3 water restrictions are now in place throughout the South Burnett Region.

Residents are advised that sprinklers are not to be used, and hosing of paved or concreted areas is not permitted.

Hand held watering is permitted from 7:00am to 8:00am, and 5:00pm to 6:00pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for odd numbered houses and Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays for even numbered houses. No residential watering is permitted on Mondays.

Further details are available on the Council website or by contacting Customer Contact on (07) 4189 9100.
Next Council Meeting
June 16, 2017: The next ordinary Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 19 July 2017 at the Warren Truss Chamber in Glendon Street, Kingaroy.

Meetings commence at 9:00am and are open to the public.

Depending on the volume of business that needs to be processed, they can conclude at any time up to 2:00pm in the afternoon. If so, morning tea will be provided.

Copies of any meeting's agenda can be downloaded from Council's website 24 hours before each meeting date.
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