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South Burnett Annual Events Calendar

  Remembrance Day 2018
 Dec-18 TBA
  Blackbutt-Benarkin Community Christmas Festival
  Goomeri Christmas Carnival
  Nanango Community Christmas Carols
  Nanango Christmas Race Meeting
  Nanango Blue Light Christmas Party
  Boondooma Community Christmas Gathering
  Kilkivan Community Christmas Carnival
  Wesleyan Church Free Community Lunch - Nanango
  Kumbia Christmas Carnival
  Wondai Community Christmas Carols
  Kingaroy Christmas Carnival
  Murgon Christmas Fair
  Hivesville Christmas Carnival
  Yarraman Community Christmas Carols
  Cherbourg Community Christmas Carols & Fireworks
  Proston Christmas Carnival
  Blackbutt Community Christmas Carols
  Proston Community Christmas Carols
  Heritage Nanango Christmas Carnival
  Wondai Christmas Carnival
  Christmas Day 2018
  Goomeri New Years Eve Family Rodeo
  New Years Day Public Holiday
  Yarraman New Year's Day Festival
  Australia Day Public Holiday
  25th Annual Stamp Fair - Nanango
  11th Annual Reef & Beef Extravaganza - Ironpot
  Cooyar Show Cocktail Party
 09 & 10-Feb-19
  Boondooma Dam Yellowbelly Fishing Competition
 Feb-19 TBA
  Burrandowan Campdraft
  Nanango February Race Meeting
 02 & 03-Mar-19
 Mar-19 TBA
 Mar-19 TBA
  Tansey Campdraft
 08 & 09-Mar-19
  61st Annual Proston Show, Proston
 08 to 10-Mar-19
  19th Annual Maidenwell Folk Gathering
 15 & 16-Mar-19
  96th Annual Murgon Show, Murgon
 20 to 22-Apr-19
  AGL Kumbia & District Charity Campdraft, Kumbia
 22 & 23-Mar-19
  79th Annual Goomeri Show, Goomeri
 23 & 24-Mar-19
  Nanango Campdraft
 Apr-19 TBA
  Cooranga North Campdraft
 Apr-19 TBA
  Golden Spurs Campdraft, Proston
 13 & 14-Apr-19
  Good Friday Public Holiday
 19-Apr to 21-Apr-19
 Apr-19 TBA
  Manumbar Campdraft, Manumbar
 20 & 21-Apr-19
  Nanango Easter Saturday Races
  Easter Monday Public Holiday
  Anzac Day Services
  Wondai Anzac Day Race Meeting
 25 to 29-Apr-19
 Apr to May TBA
 04 & 05-May-19
 04 & 05-May-19
  Widgee Campdraft
  Labour Day Public Holiday
 11 & 12-May-19
  Kilkivan Campdraft
  Nanango Autumn Race Meeting
 25 & 26-May-19
 07 to 09-Jul-19
  10th Annual Raising Hell In Maidenwell Car Show 'N' Shine
  14th Annual Reserve Forces Day - Wondai
  Wondai Winter Race Day
  NAIDOC Community Open Day - Cherbourg
  Dinner With The Captains - Kingaroy
  26th Annual Kumbia Brain Drain
  Nanango Cup Race Meeting, Nanango
  South Burnett EKKA Show Holiday
 15 to 18-Aug-19
 30 & 31-Aug-18
 Sep-19 TBA
 05 to 08-Sep-19
 07 & 08-Sep-19
  Taabinga Rotary Bookarama
  Spring Race Meeting - Nanango
 14 & 15-Sep-19
  Kingaroy & District Vintage Machinery Club Rally - Kingaroy
 21 & 22-Sep-19
  6th Annual Casino Night, Nanango
 Sep-19 TBA
  Kragra Campdraft
 04 to 06-Oct-19
  Maidenwell Folk Festival
 04 to 13-Oct-19
  Colours Of Yarraman Festival
 05 and 06-Oct-19
  Cooyar Campdraft, Cooyar
  Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
 12 & 13-Oct-19
  14th Annual South Burnett Relay For Life - Kingaroy
  7th Annual Dusty Day Out, Moffatdale
 17 to 20-Oct-19
  8th Annual Waterhole Rocks Festival - Nanango
  Wondai Caulfield Cup Race Meeting


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